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Web Development

If you have a business but yet not online, you are missing out greatly on the potential to grow your business. If you have a business idea and considering starting up, getting a web presence should be as important as registering the business with the right government agency.

When people make purchase decisions for product or services today, instead of seeking direct recommendations from friends or family, they first resort to Google searches.

If your business is not online, it means, you have almost completely lost out on this potential customer.

Moonaga digital can put you online by developing a nice and user friendly website for your business or brand.

Picking a platform to develop your website on is crucial because that platform can become intertwined with your website features. Most clients opt for the perks of a content management system (CMS) because of the value inherent in going with a popular and growing solution. Some clients however need bespoke solutions.

Moonaga Digital can support your web development regardless of the direction your business needs to go. Our web developers can help select the correct platform for your business needs.

Starting from Ghs500 (domain name and hosting inclusive) we can develop a website for you.