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How To Launch A Successful Podcast

With listeners on the rise, more brands are looking into podcasting and whether it can add value to their audience and their business. The stats show that people are seeking and listening to new podcasts every week, which means there’s still opportunity for brands to get in on the action. This month’s Networx explored ‘The Business of Podcasts’, with panellists Michael Bromley of Beyond Billables, Steph Taylor of the Socialette, and Bronwyn Brady of For the Love of Teaching. These were the panel’s top tips and insights on how to launch a successful podcast in the Australian market. 

Don’t look at what other podcasts are doing – look at what they’re NOT doing

While there’s still opportunity for newcomers in the podcasting space, you’re never going to have a successful podcast if you’re doing exactly what your competitors are doing. The key to breaking into the market is knowing what your point of difference is and forming your messaging around that. For example, while there are many podcasts on DIY marketing, the point of difference for the Socialette Podcast is that they offer 5-10 minute ‘bite sized’ episodes. If you have a podcasts that speaks to a new, niche or growing market you’ll be able to attract new listeners who are searching for what you’re delivering.

Know what’s going to be valuable to your audience 

Part of identifying your point of difference is knowing who your audience is, what’s going to be valuable to them and delivering it to them in a way that’s easy to consume. How can you know this? Just ask! Reach out to people who have shown interest in your topic area through email, Facebook groups, Instagram or your own network and find out what they want to know and how they prefer to listen. Whether it’s 5-10 minute episodes you can get through on your way to work, or 45 minute episodes featuring longer interviews or discussions, what works best will differ for every show depending on who you’re trying to reach. 

Look at your listen through rate 

Another way to get more information about your audience is by looking at your metrics. There are a number of podcast hosting services (like Acast and Libsyn) that will give you a range of metrics including audience demographics and behaviour, number of downloads, what percentage of people listen to a whole episode, and where listeners are dropping off. If you’re seeing that people are only listening for 20 minutes but your episodes are an hour long, maybe you need to re-think your format. Free tools like iTunes Connect will give you basic information like listen through rate, but won’t give you the detailed metrics that paid platforms can.

Grow your audience through SEO & social media

Research shows that word-of-mouth is the most common method for discovering new podcasts, but there are other things you can do to attract new listeners. While the Apple Podcast platform isn’t as smart as the likes of Google, SEO still plays a role in getting your podcast in front of your target audience. Make sure you include keywords your listeners might search in your show title, episode title and description. But take care not to overstuff it with keywords or Apple will take you off the platform. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be great for spreading the word about your podcast, but make sure you’re speaking to your audience where they are. For Michael Bromley of Beyond Billables Podcast, LinkedIn is a great channel for attracting new listeners because it targets people in professional services. Steph Taylor from the Socialette Podcast gets the biggest reach through Instagram, where she asks followers to share and tag photos of themselves listening in, which she then shares on her account. Facebook groups can also be a great tool for generating conversation around a particular episode and are also useful for informing new content ideas. 

When it comes to social media advertising, you can’t retarget audiences from the Apple podcasts app, but you can retarget audiences by directing them to another page. For example, by adding a tracking pixel to a link, then retargeting via Facebook. 

Keep it fresh with new and interesting stories 

Podcasts are a great way to tell stories, create connections and build a brand. There are heaps of people out there with real stories to share, which can have a real impact on people’s lives. When trying to find interviewees who will engage your listeners, start by getting referrals from your current network. People are more likely to say yes if you’ve been recommended from a trusted source. If you’re reaching out to someone for the first time through email, make it personal and ask them for a chat over coffee before launching into your proposal.

Useful resources 

Get involved in the podcasting community by checking out these resources: 

  • Podnews email subscription – a daily briefing for podcasting news. 
  • Podcasting Facebook groups – search for one in your local city.
  • Podcasts! There are heaps of ‘podcasts about podcasting’ to help you launch and grow your own show – just search on your podcast platform. 

If you’re thinking about launching a podcast or need help growing your podcast or your brand, contact Reload today. Our digital marketing experts will take the time to understand your business and develop a solution to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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